After looting all civilian belongings in Deir Ezzor, Assad’s forces now impose taxes on the displaced

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After looting all civilian belongings, Assad’s forces and allied militias are using a new method to loot more money from the displaced in the province of Deir Ezzor. They are now imposing a tax on the displaced in exchange for protecting their abandoned houses. An example for this is the recent video that went viral on social media which shows a Shabih named Muhmoud Khaled Shweikh from Al-Quriya sending a message to the displaced who left their homes in the region that he will protect their houses, if they pay him 100 thousand SYP for each one, threatening them that he will sell the houses, in case the displaced refuse his demand.


Several pictures showing Mahmud Khaled with the killed colonel’ Issam Zahreddin’ who had threatened the displaced with retaliation, if they would return to their homes.

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