A house fire killed a child in the town of Al-Tayana in the eastern countryside yesterday

Written by Editorial Board

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The child Abdul Rahman Al-Saleh from the town of Tayana, Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside, passed away yesterday after fire erupted in his parents’ home, as they used primitive methods to ignite fire for cooking purposes in the kitchen.


The child died because of a fire at this his parent’s house, which was caused by the firewood that had been lit by his mother in the kitchen. Using such primitive methods to ignite fire has become the only available alternatives for civilians living in the region amid the absence of gas and petroleum products, and a sharp increase in their prices, if available.


A close source to the family of the child told D24 that,” Fire spread rapidly and burned the room where the child was sitting, leading to his immediate death. His mother was unaware of the tragedy as she was busy doing her housework.”


The absence of domestic gas in Deir Ezzor has been a difficult issue for civilians living in the province. Koniko gas factory was the only source providing civilians with gas; however, following intense air strikes on the factory, it has been left out of service, causing a gas crisis in the province.

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