A civilian died in besieged Deir Ezzor due to lack of medical services

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A civilian named Mohamed Bakri Al-Nayrabani, also known as Abu Khalid, died in the besieged neighborhood of Al-Joura yesterday after not being able to afford the price of medicine for the disease he was suffering from.


A source in the besieged neighborhoods said today that, “The reason that led to his death was the blood clots in his heart and the tough and deplorable siege conditions which have paralyzed the medical services in the area and sharply increased the prices of medicines, if available.”


The majority of the medical staff in besieged Deir Ezzor had left for Turkey or the FSA-held territory, and the Assad forces have imposed a ban on travel for medical purposes to other provinces, making the civilian situation even worse.


There is an extreme shortage of medicines in the besieged neighborhood, including Aspirin and medications for hypertension and diabetes, which makes life unbearable for the civilians.

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