A Child from Deir Ezzor Shows Football Talent in Germany, with Hopes of Reaching Madrid

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

A child from Deir Ezzor has made a name for himself as one of the talents who have risen to prominence in German football, and his name is now associated with the academies of the global Real Madrid club. The child, Fajr Hussam Al-Jassim, comes from the town of Mohassin in eastern Deir Ezzor and has been a refugee in Germany for eight years.

DeirEzzor24 network met with Fajr Al-Jassim’s father, who shared the following:

Mr. Hussam Al-Jassim said, ‘We arrived in Germany in 2015, and Fajr was three years old at the time. We settled in the city of Bayern, and after one year, Fajr joined a local team.’ He added, ‘We discovered Fajr’s talent by chance. He entered kindergarten at the age of three and a half, and he had difficulty communicating with his peers due to language and shyness. So, I suggested to his teacher that we involve him in a team sport to improve his language skills. Fajr then joined a local team in a village in Bayern, and that’s where his talent started to shine. Since then, he has been proving himself and showcasing his football talent. He moved to several teams and participated in numerous tournaments until he reached the age of ten. At that point, we received two offers to recruit Fajr, one from Leipzig Academy and the other from Dortmund Academy, and we chose Dortmund.’

Regarding the association of the child Fajr’s name with Real Madrid Academy, Mr. Hussam, Fajr’s father, said:

‘About a year ago, Fajr’s private coach, Mr. Dilawar Khalil, suggested that I register Fajr with one of the Real Madrid academies in Germany due to his talent and quality in football. Indeed, I registered him with the Real Madrid Academy in the German city of Mulheim. After a while, we received an invitation for Fajr to participate in the Real Madrid Academy’s selection tournament in Germany, to choose representatives from Real Madrid academies in Germany. Fajr participated in the finals held in Hanover, and after a period, we received an invitation for Fajr to travel to Madrid as a representative of the Real Madrid Academy team in Germany, as part of a tournament organized by Real Madrid for its academies in different countries. Now, we are completing the required paperwork for the trip to Madrid.’.

Fajr’s father concluded by saying:

‘Next month, we will travel to Madrid, and we all hope that Fajr will prove himself and be selected as part of the main Real Madrid team. The competition is tough, but we have confidence in Fajr’s talent, and we hope luck is on his side. He is the only Syrian child in the German team that will participate in the Madrid tournament.'”

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