The most violent dust storm hits Dier Ezzor province, causing casualties

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DeirEzzor24 network monitored the registration of several deaths, as a result of suffocation in the storm that hit Deir Ezzor province yesterday, in addition to about 100 patients with asthma in hospitals, as this storm is considered the most violent in decades.

Among the victims who have been documented are:
1_ Mustafa Salloum Al-Khuzam, 40 years old, from Deir Ezzor
2_ The child Ahmed Salloum Al-Khuzam, 7 years old, from the city of Deir Ezzor
3_ Ghassan Mahmoud Al-Taha Al-Husseini from the city of Deir Ezzor
4_ Muhammad Al-Hassoun Al-Wakaa, 60 years old, from the town of Mazloum
5_ Abdullah Awad Al-Hayes, from the village of Abriha
6_ The child Hamdan Asaad Al-Salloum, 4 months, from the village of Hawaij Thiab Shamia
7_ Mrs. Shamsa Al Hammadi, from the town of Tabia, an island

Furthermore, the storm caused material damage, traffic accidents, uprooting of trees, ignition of fires, power outages, damage to winter crops prepared for harvesting, solar panels destroyed, and the windows of some shops broken, while dust is still stuck between trees and houses. It has not rained so far.

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