Will the water plants in Al-Shaheel, rural Deir Ezzor, cease to function?

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There are two main water treatment plants in the city of Al-Shaheel, Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside. One is located in eastern Al-Shaheel while the other in western Al-Shaheel. Both of them are presently operable.

However, the power cuts which occur repetitively in the region cause the generators of the plants to cease to function, rendering them out of service. If Daesh does not replace the badly damaged generators, the water treatments plants would soon cease to function. There is also a lack of necessary equipment to produce drinkable water.



Those who work at the water plants are forced to work full-time by the organization, with a salary that does not exceed 15 thousand SYP, which remains insufficient for them, taking into account the sky-high increase in food prices and the collapse of the Syrian pound. One of the workers, who resigned from his job recently because of the full-time job and the insufficient salary, faced arrest and was forced to sign a contract to work for the rest of his life at the water plants.


Daesh is still facing difficulties concerning the governance of the areas under its control, including the management of the infrastructures which are experiencing a lack of cadres and equipment to operate them. This is the outcome of the organization’s focus on the ongoing battles against its enemies in the region while overlooking the affairs of the residents in its held areas.

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