This is how the harvest season numbers were in Deir Ezzor

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The average wheat production for the current season in Deir Ezzor is 200 kg per acre, as wheat production ranged between one and three bags per acre.

The Agriculture Committee in Deir Ezzor had set the prices of harvesting works, but the owners of fixed harvesters receive 12 thousand Syrian pounds with the two harvesters per bag, and 55 thousand pounds for a dunum of the mobile harvester, and the price of the burlap sack used to pack the new wheat (sawwal) reached 6000 pounds The used one is 2500, and the empty hay bag is 2500 pounds.

Meanwhile, the price of transporting wheat and straw from agricultural lands to homes inside villages reached 20,000 Syrian pounds, amid stress from the Assad regime ‘s agricultural departments on marketing the wheat crop through security branches.

As is the case, the process of evaluating the type of grain in the Grain Establishment in Deir Ezzor was dominated by bribery and nepotism, by classifying the quality and adding the fourth-class typical variety, which is close to the price of the fodder variety, and the invoices received from the Agricultural Bank were very low, as the price of a kilo of wheat ranged between 1800 and 1950 with the bonus.

The Directorate of Agriculture in Deir Ezzor expected the production to reach 66,000 tons from the cultivated area, which exceeded 22,000 hectares.

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