There are only two medical points and two doctors in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor

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The health care sector in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor continue to deteriorate. It has totally become devoid of field hospitals and dispensaries after Daesh transported all of them to the area of Maadan, the capital of the organization in the western countryside. Two badly equipped medical points are all what has been left in that area.


Most of those working at the pharmacies in the western countryside are incompetent and have nothing to do with pharmacy. In light of the absence of control, the blacksmith, the carpenter and the shepherd are now the ones in charge of selling medicines at these pharmacies. Civilians are pushed to go to them after all medical staff members left the region due to being burdened by the taxes imposed by the group and also for being forced to work at the Maadan hospital.


The organization is more focused on Sharia issues than the scientific and humanitarian ones. It punishes women who violate its Islamic dress code and the men who keep their beard short and wear long clothes while ignoring more important issues related to the civilian situation.


Two doctors, a pediatrician and a surgeon, are the last remaining medical staff in the western countryside. Moreover, the area is facing an extreme shortage of medicine, mainly after the destruction of the bridges that has increased prices of medicines. Most of the medicines that are being sold in the western countryside have expired. The pharmacies in the western countryside do sell some of the most used medicines, however, they remain unable to provide civilians with medicines for curing diabetes, thyroid, anticoagulants and drug toxins.

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