The Self-Rule Administration holds a conference in Deir Ezzor and issues several new decisions

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

The Self-Administration and the Civil Council of Deir Ezzor held a conference under the slogan “Enhancing Security and Stability towards Developing and Consolidating Participation in Deir Ezzor,” in response to the needs of the people of Deir Ezzor.

The conference aimed to address the challenges that preceded it to activate true participation, build a solid administrative structure based on competence, and enhance the military and security strength.

The conference was held in the hall of the Council of Deir Ezzor Civil Council in the Al-Sabaa Kilo area, attended by several civilian and military figures, including Joint Vice-President of the Executive Council of Northeast Syria “Hassan Kojer” and member of the Syrian Democratic Council “Hussein Al-Azam,” as well as representatives of political parties, women, tribal elders, and a large number of locals.

During the conference, the political, economic, and service situation in Deir Ezzoor was discussed, along with mechanisms for improvement. It concluded with a final statement that included several decisions and outcomes:

1.Providing space for political parties in Deir Ezzor to operate, in coordination with the Executive Council of Deir Ezzor, until the issuance of a law allowing political parties in northern and eastern Syria.

2.Restructuring local, legislative, and executive councils and municipalities.

3.Reorganizing internal security forces and the military structure.

4.Activating the role of the Justice Council and opening a center for the council in the Al-Maamal neighborhood, ensuring its complete independence in its decisions.

5.Amending laws related to newcomers under the law of northern and eastern Syria.

6. Compensating families affected by recent events in Deir Ezzor, based on reports from the designated committee according to the principles.

7. Forming a committee with representatives from the Civil Administration in Deir Ezzor and security forces to open and regulate four humanitarian and commercial crossings.

8. Activating security control, and restructuring the inspection and control agency in coordination with the Self-Administration of northern and eastern Syria.

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