The Recruitment Division in Deir Ezzor starts registering those willing to fight in Ukraine.

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

Deir Ezzor 24 network learned from informed sources that the recruitment division in Deir Ezzor has started registering those willing to go to Ukraine to fight alongside the Russian forces, which invaded Ukraine recently.

According to the sources, the volunteer request states the following: “I declare my will to volunteer as a kind response to what Russia has provided, to support the steadfastness of my beloved country, Syria, and I call on all Syrians to volunteer, to prove to everyone that the Syrian does not forget those who stood by him.”

The Recruitment Division requires volunteers only to attend in person, submit the application, a copy of the identity card, and register the phone number, to issue the passport, within a maximum period of one week, as the applicants are summoned to the Russian base at Hmeimim Airport.

According to the sources, the term of the contract is six months, subject to renewal, in addition to the Russian forces guaranteeing the costs of medical care and travel, and the payment of salaries. It also promised to continue paying salaries, after the expiry of the contract term, in the context of tempting volunteers, and providing compensation to the injured and families of the dead, with the possibility of staying in the ranks of the Russian forces and the Wagner militia, if the fighters so desired, and promised the fighters in the event of Russia’s victory in the war a reward of up to 50 thousand euros.

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