The reasons for the recent decrease of food prices in the besieged neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor city.

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The markets in besieged Deir Ezzor have witnessed a drastic decrease in the prices of food items since the announcement of the battle for Mosul near the Syrian and Iraqi border.

Our correspondent in the besieged neighborhoods said that, “The food prices and other basic needs had been high and unaffordable, while some other basic needs had not been even available. However, after the start of the battle for Mosul, the prices decreased noticeably, and this was due to several reasons, among them the constant targeting of the tankers, which transport fruits and vegetables from Deir Ezzor to Mosul. In addition, most of the shopkeepers have emptied their storages for fear that war will reach that area.

The correspondent also believes that the lack of electricity and the cutting off of roads between the provinces, mainly after the destruction of the bridges, are also one of the reasons that led to the decrease in food prices.

Comparison between prices of food before and after the decrease:

Eggplant: From 200 SYP to 100

Tomatoes: From 250 SYPG to 150

Potatoes: From 250 to 225

Wheat:  From 200 to 150

Barely grain: From 170 to 120

Local sources stated to D24, that majority of the merchants who smuggle their goods between Daesh-held areas and the besieged neighborhoods are people linked with the organization in Deir Ezzor, therefore, they made up their mind to get rid of the goods they stored and sell them at any price for fear of any possibilities that they might loose them in the battle for Mosul.

All of these reasons have caused some food materials to decrease in less than 10 days at a rate of 50% compared to the previous prices. Despite this, Deir Ezzor is still under siege for 2 years now, meaning that the decrease in the prices does not mean that the civilians are in a good condition and that they are able to purchase all their basic needs.


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