The Fourth Division causes a bread crisis in Al-Bukamal for these reasons

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

A suffocating bread crisis has gripped the city of Al-Bukamal in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor for days, according to what the correspondent of DeirEzzor24 network reported.

Our correspondent said that after the Fourth Division received the Al-Bukamal automatic bakery, it began distributing half the quantity that the people needed, which led to a real crisis in bread.

He added that the people had to search for other solutions to obtain bread, as the Fourth Division deliberately did this to increase confusion and fear among the people, and made them strive every day to secure bread, as well as to sell flour outside the city at good prices to merchants, where a kilo of flour aid reaches 6000 pounds in the market The black city of Albukamal.

The checkpoints of the Fourth Division deployed on the Deir Ezzor-Al-Bukamal road stress the missions and loads of trucks transporting mills under the pretext of preventing the smuggling of subsidized flour to SDF areas.

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