The conditions and procedures required for volunteering with Assad’s forces or the Iranian militias in Deir Ezzor

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Those who want to volunteer with Assad’s forces, or the Iranian or the Russian militias in Deir Ezzor have to meet a series of requirements that Deir Ezzor 24 network has been able to monitor.

The persons wishing to volunteer must first sign settlement papers in the governorate building in Deir Ezzor city, then they have to obtain a set of papers: a paper prove that they are unconvicted, a settlement paper, two personal photos, family status paper (for married people) and a housing identification paper.

After the volunteers secure these papers, the new volunteers are assembled in the party building (formerly the headquarter of the Farmers’ Union), under the supervision of the National Defense Militia and the Military Security Branch, then the volunteers choose between Assad’s forces and the Iranian militias. If the volunteers chose to volunteer with Assad’s forces, they can choose the branch they would like to volunteer with (military security, air intelligence, criminal security… Etc.).

But if the volunteers chose the Iranian militias, they are screened by Iranian leaders, and cannot choose the militia they would like to volunteer with.

When accepted by the militias, the volunteers are required to bring papers prove that all their families members are “unconvicted”, or their requests would be rejected by the Iranians if one of their families members was convicted.

After submitting the settlement papers by the volunteers, (in the party building), the accepted volunteers are informed of a date to join a military training course, after which they are sent to one of the Iranian-backed militias. “Al-Nujabaa” movement and “Hashd Al-Shaabi” militia, to which Deir Ezzor’s volunteers are often sent, are the most important militias of Iran.

The next in importance are Zainebiyoun militia and the groups affiliated with it, such as Al-Quds Brigade, while “Fatimiyeon” and “Lebanese Hezbollah” militias only receive members from the 4th Division.

As for volunteering with the Russian-backed militias, the priority is for the tribesmen, who have been heavily relied upon by Russia in Deir Ezzor recently. The Russian militias were given names that suit the tribes, such as the “Tribes National Army”, the “National Defense” militia and the “Air Intelligence” (Al-Nmer Forces).

The “Qaterji” militia is one of the militias operating for the three parties, Assad forces, Iran and Russia, where they formed to protect the oil installations and economic structures in Deir Ezzor. People can volunteer with it through the mechanisms mentioned above, where the militia is supported and provided with elements from Assad’s forces, the Iranian militias and Russian forces in Deir Ezzor.

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