The Baath Party in Deir Ezzor threatens the secretaries of the teams because of the elections

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

An exclusive source told DeirEzzor24 network that the Secretary of the Baath Party branch in Deir Ezzor, “Raed Al-Ghadban”, threatened the secretaries of the people and party groups to dismiss and isolate, in the event that the quorum of nominations for the local administration and municipalities in each village and city would not be completed, whose applications will end at the governorate building at two o’clock in the afternoon today.

According to the source, the turnout to run for positions in the local administration in Deir Ezzor was very weak, which necessitated the leadership of the Baath Party to take these measures, which also included forcing heads of agricultural associations and mayors to run for local administration councils.

It is worth noting that the nominations included municipalities for villages outside the control of the Assad regime, in the areas under the control of the SDF, starting from Al-Baghouz in the east to Jazarat Al Bu Hamid in the west, where the heads of those municipalities will be chosen by appointment by the party branch.

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