The Assad-regime’s media exploit the suffering of civilians fleeing from Daesh-held areas

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A team from the regime-affiliated Syrian TV has recently interviewed a group of civilians who fled from Daesh controlled territory in eastern Syria and are currently in Muthlat Batma near the city of Palmyra. The media team has exploited the suffering of these helpless civilians by promoting and presenting the Assad-regime as a regime that is concerned about Syrian civilians, not bearing in mind that the daily indiscriminatory airstrikes on civilian targets were also among the reasons that pushed them to flee.


The Syrian TV broadcasted interviews with a number of women, elderly and children who have fled from Daesh-held areas in Deir Ezzor, Hasakah, Raqqa and rural Aleppo, exploiting their situation that they are in urgent need for a safe haven after fleeing the terrorists. The regime media brought again the theory of “terrorism”, which they have been repeating since the beginning of the revolution as part of the Assad propaganda machine, “lie until it becomes the truth”. The irony is that one of the civilians, who were interviewed, unintentionally said that the reason of fleeing his home was the aerial bombardment on densely populated areas.


According to the report, the Assad-regime has formed a jury made up of elements from its parliamentary in order to handle the miserable situation of these stranded civilians. It says that they will provide shelters and a source of income for them, which is markedly absurd, as most civilians, who are already living in the regime-held areas, have been going through deteriorating living standards accompanied by a decrease in the Syrian pound and increase in food prices.

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