Several families from Mosul have arrived in Deir Ezzor after the start of the battle for Mosul

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The sectarian media propaganda, which have been launched by the militias partaking in the battle for Mosul, has forced many families of Mosul to search for possible ways to escape in order to reach safety. Many of them have already headed to areas in both, Iraq and Syria.


Deir Ezzor is the main destination for the displaced families. Many of them have chosen Deir Ezzor because of the tribal links and the strong historical ties between the people of Deir Ezzor and Mosul. Among the arrived are old traders between the two areas.



Families linked with Daesh have also arrived in Deir Ezzor, as there are several empty houses where they can be sheltered. The houses belong to those the organization accused of apostasy and cooperation with the FSA and confiscated their properties.


With the arrival of the displaced families, Daesh lifted the ban on travelling outside its controlled areas, mainly the Gulf countries, in a move to increase the number of empty homes that will be given to the Iraqi families. Two days ago, in search of abandoned homes, the group carried out a raid campaign in the city of Al-Bukamal and Al-Bulayl in the eastern countryside

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