SDF captured Al-Shaheel town while Al-Bukamal remains under the control of Daesh

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SDF and Assad’s forces are racing to capture the last remaining areas that are still under the control of Daesh in the province of Deir Ezzor. After the capture of Al-Mayadeen east of Deir Ezzor, Assad’s forces did not hesitate to advance more in areas nearby Al-Bukamal.


The SDF are advancing quickly against Daesh in the areas along the eastern bank of the Euphrates River. A few days ago, they captured dozens of towns and strategic cities in the eastern countryside, on top of which was the city of Al-Bassirah. This pushed Assad to announce the battle for Al-Bukamal in an unexpected time.


The Hizbollah and Iraqi militias appeared at the Iraq Syria border few days ago after the advancement of Assad’s forces towards Al-Bukamal, which was preceded by heavy airstrikes against the city and surrounding villages and towns, which forced the locals to flee for their lives out of fear of facing the same fate of the residents of Al-Mayadeen.


The appearance of Qassem Suleimani in the T2 pumping station was, maybe, the motivation for the Hizbollah militia to advance towards Al-Bukamal. But, Daesh managed to repel their attack which was backed by heavy air cover. Assad’s forces have not captured the city of Al-Bukamal to the very moment, though the regime media propaganda machine continues to claim the capture of it.


The SDF are also trying to advance more towards Al Bukamal from east of the Euphrates River. They captured recently the Shaheel town that is considered one of the most political strongholds for the organization.  If the SDF captured the few remaining villages and towns in the Shaitat area, where Daesh massacred hundreds of its people in 2013, they will reach Al-Bukamal.

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