SARC resume the distribution of humanitarian aid in besieged Deir Ezzor and Assad’s forces steal most of the supplies

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The Syrian Arab Red Crescent resumed today the distribution of humanitarian aid to trapped civilians in the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city after they halted it for several days.


On Sunday, they distributed food parcels, which consisted of 10 kg of rice, 7 kg of burghul and 7 kg of lentils, to civilians residing in the besieged neighborhoods of Al-Humeidiyah and Al-Jabiliah. On Monday, they delivered food parcels, which consisted of the the same food distributed on Sunday, to people in Al-Joura who to queue in massive crowds near the distribution centers in the neighborhood.


Assad’s forces also managed to obtain by force an amount of the distributed food without complying with the measures taken by the SARC. Some Assad’s Shabihah (gangs) collected the cards, which are given by the SARC for civilians in order that they benefit from food supplies, and succeeded in getting food from the SARC in exchange of keeping an amount for themselves, which they have been selling in black markets.



A local source indicated to D24 that most of the meals were stolen by Assad’s forces and allied militias, and that many of the locals did not obtain their meals.’


In other news, the Khalid Bno Walid Oven in the Joura neighborhood is now out of service after being burned due to errors which occurred during supplying it with diesel. It is among the most important ovens in the besieged neighborhoods, meaning that its current condition will do nothing but increase the suffering of civilians when it comes to obtaining bread.

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