Russia continues massacring children and civilians in Deir Ezzor without mercy

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The Russian warplanes have not stopped their deadly air attacks against innocent civilians in Deir Ezzor province in spite of the barbaric massacres they had committed in Albu Kamal,al Mayadin,the town of al Zibari and the city of Mu Hassan before.In addition,Russia resumed its airstrikes in the province recently,hitting civilian targets in the Oradi neighbourhood of Deir Ezzor which claimed the lives of 3 children along with their mother.


Their names are as follow :






1-Huda abd al Hamid al Ani( mother of the children)
2-Ibrahim Khadr abel al Hafed
3-Karam Khadr abd al Hafed
4-Mi Khodr abdel al Hafed


Photo: Children murdered by Russian warplanes after airstrikes on the Oradi neighbourhood of Deir Ezzor

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