Residents of Deir Ezzor complain about poor medical services

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Residents complained about poor medical services and officials’ negligence. Poor medical services worsen patients’ medical statuses, amidst officials exchanging blames and accusations.

A civilian’s post went viral on social media. The civilian lost his mother due to medical negligence. He emphasized that he transported his mother to the Assad Hospital only to realize there were no specialists, except for whom he called a “maltreating junior”. The civilian added that the man in charge of ambulances refused to send one, except with the manager’s permission. The civilian commented saying that ambulances are dedicated for private drives and lifts. The civilian said he is ready to face the staff of the hospital.

The civilians’ commented in response to a post by the Health Manager about accidents that occurred in Deir Ezzor during Eid. The administration of the hospital represented by Hiyam al-Mufti head of the Union Committee in the hospital responded by saying that the doctor Mamoon Hiza and the medical staff of the hospital are not responsible for the incident because the hospital is divided into three separate sections.

Residents of Deir Ezzor commented on al-Mufti’s words by saying that the hospital has been turned into a slaughterhouse with the maltreatment of the staff. The residents emphasized that the doctors do not commit to their work in the hospital. The residents complained about closing the pharmacy before civilians, except for influential employees, and the hospital lacking the minimum level of sterilization and hygiene.

The deterioration of the medical situation in the “Assad regime-controlled areas of Deir Ezzor comes in the context of a series of corruption, nepotism and neglect that sweeps all sectors supervised by the arms of the “Assad regime” and are subject to profit and service of the influential, in light of deliberately ignoring the demands of the people and working to exacerbate their tragedies, which begins with a living and ends with the lack of the minimum requirements for living in terms of water, power, utilities and health care.

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