Assad regime stops conducting joint patrols in Deir Ezzor to prevent conflicts

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Assad regime’s operations command in Deir Ezzor issued a decision to stop conducting joint patrols, which means that each branch will have to conduct its patrols separately, as the province was divided into sectors, and each sector is controlled by a security service separately from the others, for the purpose of reducing the escalating disputes among them.

These decisions was taken following the recent rising tension between members of the national defense militia (NDF) and Assad regime’s intelligence service and police, as several days ago, a military security patrol arrested two NDF members, while trying to steal a bicycle belonging to a member of the branch.

In the context, the criminal security branch has recently announced its intention to recruit more members in its patrols department. The new members will work just 20 days of every month, and will receive a monthly salary of 200,000 Syrian pounds, which shows that the security services of Assad regime are suffering a shortage of members in their ranks.

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