PYD Asayesh carried out a large-scale campaign of arrest in the Tel Abyad city, targeting civilians who refused to partake in a protest for the PKK leader ‘Ocalan’.

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On Tuesday, February 14, the PYD Asayesh carried a large-scale campaign of arrest targeting dozens of civilians in the Tel Abyad city in the northern countryside of Al-Raqqa. The targeted civilians are those who refused to take part in the protests held by the ‘Self-Rule Administration’ and titled as “ the Black Day’, which refers to the yearly anniversary of the arrest of the founder and first leader of the PKK ’Abdullah Ocalan”.

The Asayesh closed several commercial shops and waxed those who remained open during the protests. They also warned those who refused to participate with harsh consequences.


The Raqqa24 correspondent in the city confirmed that several buses and private cars arrived from Ayn Al-Arab ( Kobane) and Qamishli to Tel Abyad in order to partake in the protests, in connection with intense security patrols by the YPG inside the city.


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