Prices of food materials are experiencing an extreme increase in Assad-held areas in Deir Ezzor province

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

Deir Ezzor markets are witnessing a significant increase in the prices of basic materials in the areas controlled by the Assad regime, according to what DeirEzzor24 network correspondents have monitored.

The price of a bag of sugar was 405 thousand Syrian pounds, and a pack of 6 kg of obesity was 100 thousand pounds, due to the dollar’s rise, which reached 8,200 pounds, and the monopoly of wholesalers.

While the markets for vegetables and some fruits witnessed a noticeable decline compared to what they were in the month of Ramadan, according to the following prices:

Tomatoes 3000 SP
cucumber 1200 SP
Eggplant 1500 SP
Potatoes 2000 SP
Zucchini 1000 SP
3000 SP capsicum
Al-Lahana 1200 SP
Onions 2500 SP
Orange 3000 SP
Lemon 3500 SP

The prices of foodstuffs and vegetables are witnessing a significant increase due to the significant decline in the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the dollar.

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