No ISIS victims in the massacre carried out by Russian warplanes in Albu Kama

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شهداء مجزر_44No ISIS victims in the massacre carried out by Russian warplanes in Albu Kamal More than 30 civilians were killed after Russian warplanes struck targets in in the eastern Syrian city of Albu Kamal.

Russian warplanes carried out two consecutive air raids at 10:20am around the Shuhada park. The Russian airstrikes caused the death of more than 31 innocent civilians, including an entire family and 13 charred bodies belonging to civilians. In the first air raid, a number of civilians were injured. Five minutes later, as people and paramedics were gathering in the targeted area, another round of airstrikes bombed the area leading to the killing of civilians. Deir Ezzor 24 managed to document the names of 24 victims, listed below.

It should be noted that the death toll might rise due to the large number of wounded civilians who suffer serious injuries (more than 70 are seriously injured) in addition to the shortage of medical staff and because the National Hospital is closed down. On the contrary hospitals like Aisha, Hanae and Zubayr were filled with wounded civilians and some others were transformed to hospitals in Deir Ezzor and Al Ishaara as the number of wounded people was high. The Russian warplanes have caused massive destruction in the district of Al-Tuwayba which witnessed the airstrikes. Five residential houses and more than 15 industrial shops were destroyed, 18 civilian cars were gutted along with several stalls adjacent to the Public Park.

The targeted area is a residential neighbourhood that is devoid of any military presence. No ISIS members were killed in the massacre. Witnesses said no ISIS members were present in the targeted area except ambulance drivers and firefighters who are employed by ISIS, in addition to members of ISIS media office. Residents in Albu Kamal expressed shock and deep agitation following the Russian massacre.

Commercial shops were closed and public mourning has been declared for “the souls of the martyrs”. 1 Mathna Al-Hassib 2. Hamid Al-Hassib 3. Mahmud Hamid Shakir Al-Batla 4. Khabib Jumaa Al-Rawi 5. Adnan Al-Abd Al-Ameer 6. Farhan Ali Al-Ghadib 7. Iyad Kisrra Al-Kunayhir 8. Muhamed Waleed Zaaen 9. Three persons from the family of Muad Al-Dabss 12. The sons of Hamed Hamad Ithnan 13. Ibn Mahmud Sunayss 14. The son of Hakmom Al-Salman 15. Ahmed Hashem Rafik Al Barsha 16. Rand Anwar Al Barghash 17. The son of Jamal Al Haj 18. Ibn Maliss Al Nayef Al Arar 20. Ahmed Al Mudara’ 21. Mohamed Hamid Al Batla 22. Ahmed Hamid Al Batla 23. The son of Abdu Allah Afyan 24. Shakir Hamid Al Batla Albukamal has been held by ISIS since June 26, 2014.

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