ISIS reopens its recruiting center in Deir Ezzor for volunteers who want to join in its fight; their pledge of allegiance to the group is uncalled-for

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ISIS has latterly reopened its recruiting center in Deir Ezzor, which was shut down for months, to recruit volunteers for military services amid a manpower shortage in its ranks as a result of taking casualties on manifold fronts in Syria recently.


Around 80 men from the village of Jedid Akidat, east rural Deir Ezzor, recently volunteered and were immediately deployed to the fronts in Shaddadi, Hasakah province. ISIS regards their pledge of allegiance to it as nonessential.



Months ago, civilians in rural Deir Ezzor were concerned about imposing compulsory military services in ISIS-held areas of Deir Ezzor, the fear of being forcibly recruited by the group has caused many civilians to flee from Deir Ezzor to Turkey.


It is worth to note that ISIS has recently suffered heavy casualties on the front against SDF in Shadddi, Hasakah province, with the U.S.-led air strikes killing around 130 ISIS members in and around the town.

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