Fadi Al-Afis returns to the political scene in Deir Ezzor

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report :

The so-called Fadi Al-Afis appeared again on the political scene, by running for the electoral district in Deir Ezzor, according to Assad’s Decree No. 32 of 2022, to fill the void left by the deceased member, Adnan Mahmoud al-Juma’a.

The elections are scheduled for next March 12. Al-Afees had previously nominated himself for the parliament of the Assad regime. He was arrested during the vote counting by the intelligence services, and then transferred to the administrative branch in Damascus.

His candidacy sparked a media uproar, as he was a former security officer in the Daesh organization, and he was accused of looting Deir Ezzor houses and several precedents.

The nomination of Al-Afis is accompanied by several well-known names such as Jassem Muhammad Al-Badr, Hussein Alaa Al-Din Shweish, Tala’a Al-Aifan, Faisal Kassar Al-Raja, Mohammed Qasim Al-Mashali and Muawiyah Al-Zalli. The number of candidates from Deir Ezzor is 20.

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