D24 obtained documents about the objectives and the location of the central command of the ‘Hashd Al-Jazzera and Al-Furat’ militia

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DeirEzzor 24 obtained leaked documents about the administration and the identity of the newly established Jazeerah and Furat militia. The document consist of all names of the commanders, the objectives and the areas where the militia will be operating. According to the documents, the militia is made up of volunteers willing to fight against Daesh and other organizations. Its main objective is to form an alternative military force for Assad’s forces, and at the same time, the militia will be operating under their command.



Some of their other objectives is the lifting of the siege imposed on Assad’s forces and loyalists in Deir Ezzor by the organization. The central command of the Hashd militia is located in Damascus. It includes Iyad Farhan, the general commander, Saleh Sayah, military commander, and Ain Maher Hawhari, representative of the military commander. The administration of the militia is led by Ghazi Abass, Mohamed Sabahi, Raif Abid, Omar Kuwaydar, Mohanad Mahmud and Aboud Mashaal.


The militia was formed by some Assad’s loyalists from the eastern region recently, after the Assad regime run out of its manpower in clashes against Daesh in the province of Deir Ezzor.

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