Electrical devices are being confiscated in Tell Abyad camp and the suffering of civilians is increasing

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Civilians in Tell Abyad camp, which is located near the Turkish city of Urfa and close to the Syrian-Turkish border, are going through harsh living conditions, getting worse with every day that passes. Garbage is found in every corner of the camp. Civilians are also restricted from doing many things by the supervisors of the camp.


In addition, the officials in the camp are confiscating electrical equipment from the displaced families, claiming that they will cause a pressure on the electric current. These appliances are electric heaters, electric kettles and pots, washing machines and refrigerators as well.


The civilian situation is changing from bad to worse. Nearly two months ago, the Turkish authorities issued a decision on the combining of  e every two families in one tent.


The decision also seems illogical  and very embarrassing for the families, especially that the tent in the camp is very normal and can accommodate only one family. Those who do not adhere to the decision will be expelled from the camp.

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