Assad-regime warplanes perpetrate a massacre in Deir Ezzor city, claiming the lives of at least six civilians

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A number of civilians martyred while others wounded as a result of a heavy air raid conducted on the liberated areas in Deir Ezzor city by Assad-regime warplanes today.

The Assad-regime warplanes heavily bombarded the neighborhood of Kanamat, claiming the lives of at least six civilians and wounding 8 others, among them women and children.

Assad forces targeted also the village of Kharita and the vicinity of the Faculty of Agriculture in west Deir Ezzor countryside, using several surface-to-air-missiles and rockets, with no reports of civilian casualties.

ISIS pounded the regime security branch in al-Joura neighborhood, with several mortar rounds, amid sporadic clashes taking place in the Industrial neighborhood and the village of al-Jafra.

Names of civilians who fell martyrs in today’s regime airstrikes

Aisha al-Khadr (wife of Khaled Ta’ma)

Ghazwa Khaled Ta’ma

Habwiya Haza’

The wife of Mahmoud Haza’

The child Mariya A’tallah Aloun

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