Another family from Deir Ezzor drown in sea while attempting to reach Europe by sea

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At least 36 Syrian refugees have drowned off the coast of Turkey after their boat capsized during an attempted crossing to Europe. The death toll could rise further.The Turkish rescuers have recently recovered the bodies of three children along with their mother, who have been identified as civilians from Deir Ezzor, from the Aegean Sea. They were among the drowned 36 Syrian refugees.


Manar Bardan from Deir Ezzor, the mother, died along with her three children, Saleh, Lamiss and Abduallah after trying to reach Europe by sea.


It should be noted that it is not the first time in which families from Deir Ezzor drown in sea while trying to reach safety in Europe. Not a long time ago, Ali al Saho from Deir Ezzor lost his wife and seven children after they drowned in the Turkish coast. The number of civilians fleeing Deir Ezzor province has been on the increase since 6 months and this is due to ISIS’ atrocities and the barbaric Russian airstrikes.



12510503_1512796609050204_5603003831328626526_nPhoto: The drowned three children, Lamiss, Abduallah and Saleh.
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