Al-Malali Shiite shrine is under expansion in Hatlah town

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Deir Ezzor exclusive report:

Under the direction of the Syrian-Iranian Friends Committee, and with funding from the Iranian Jihad Al-Binaa Organization, and at the request of the Al-Raja and Al-Mayouf families, an expansion work, the largest of its kind, began in the Al-Malali Husseiniya in the town of Hatla.

The Mullahs’ Husseiniya is a center for Shiite religious ceremonies such as Ashura and occasions that is of significant importance to the Shiite community, such as the anniversary of the killing of Qassem Soleimani, a commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia.

The restoration work showed up with more than 40 cement columns inside the al-Husayniyah staircase and a large number of earthen and gravel embankments, while these annexes constitute a base for the silts, an institute for Shiite sciences, a training hall for children, in addition to a meeting room.

Husseiniya al-Malali is located in the center of the town of Hatla, near the main vegetable market, which represents the largest gathering in the city. It is considered the starting point for Shiite marches, and it is guarded by members of the Guards of Power militia under the supervision of the Iranian Alawite security.

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