Al-Kasra Hospital staff announces austere measures after detecting COVID-19 case

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The al-Kasra Hospital staff in the Deir Ezzor western countryside announced austere measures against coronavirus (COVID-19), according to a Deir Ezzor Network reporter.

The reporter added that the staff announced the measures after detecting a COVID-19 case that contacted doctors and paramedics. On Wednesday, a patient visited the hospital. The patient showed COVID-19 symptoms; however, the staff did not apply necessary precautionary procedures when checking the patient. Two days later, the test showed a negative result.

The measures included suspending medical consultations and cold cases, and receiving emergency and critical cases.

Another patient’s test in the hospital showed a positive result; however, he disappeared after the test.

Over the recent days, three COVID-19 cases appeared in the al-Naba’i neighborhood in the town of abu Hamam, and two others in the western Deir Ezzor countryside.

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