A young man from Deir Ezzor has been found dead in the northern countryside of Aleppo

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Aleppo branch of Civil Defense found the body of a dead civilian in northern Aleppo’s countryside today. The civilian has been identified as Adnan Abduallah Ibn Fayad from the town of Kharita in Deir Ezzor province. According to the report, Adnan was killed nearby the village of Shamarin, the area of al-Armoute, close to the Turkish-Syrian border.


D24 contacted some relatives of the slain youngster, who were able to recognize his body, and confirmed that he left Deir Ezzor for Turkey in order to find a job. According to his relatives, Adnan had lost his documents of identity in Syria before he found them and was killed on his way to cross into Turkey.


The Civil Defense confirmed that, “The dead body of Adnan from Deir Ezzor was buried today as his body was beginning to decompose.’’


Investigation with regard to the death of Adnan is still ongoing. The initial reports indicate that he might have been killed either by Turkish Gendarme, or unknown gunmen who had robbed him before they shot him dead.



Picture shows body of Adnan from Deir Ezzor who was found dead in northern Aleppo’s countryside today
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