A new political and military body has been formed in al-Sharqiya (the eastern region)

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Several tribal leaders along with other military personages from al-Sharqiya( Hasakah, Raqqa and Deir Ezzor) and Aleppo have announced, in a statement released yesterday, the formation of a new military and political body in the eastern region of Syria in an attempt to take a stand against ‘’ the Federal System’’ which has recently been declared in northern Syria by People’s Protection Units (YPG).


The announcement of the new military and political body was the result of a meeting that was held in Haraan hotel, located in the city of Urfa, Turkey, yesterday.


Major Omar al-Tarad, head of the military office of “The Eastern Tribes Front”, indicated that “this announcement is preliminary and a statement from inside the Syrian territory will follow it”. He added that “the Eastern Tribes Front is made up of fully equipped and well trained Brigades who are present on the ground in Syria, operating under the command of a military council composed of five officers”.

He continued that ”the new body will fight the Assad-regime forces and allied militias and, at the same time, we will battle ISIS who is an enemy of the Syrian people and their revolution as well”.


Among the personages who signed the statement are leaders of the tribes of Tay and al-Mushahda, Sheikh Hafl al-Hafl, one of the leaders of al-Akidat tribes in Deir Ezzor, Ahmed Bari, chief of Staff of the Syrian Interim Government.


All attendees in the meeting have announced that they will use all available means in order to preserve the unity of the Syrian territory. The meeting also thanked the Turkish government and its people for their support for the Syrian people in all fields.

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