A civilian was killed in the Al-Jura neighborhood of Deir Ezzor

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Al-Joura suburb, the prison street, and the outskirts of Tab Al-Jura in Deir Ezzor witnessed a security alert, a heavy deployment of patrols, and a search campaign for pedestrians and civilians.

These measures come after the killing of the civilian “Sajid”, from the Al-Jura neighborhood, as a result of a quarrel between members of the Fourth Division and members of another militia, who were users of alcohol and drugs. Clashes occurred between the two parties, which resulted in the death of the civilian and the wounding of others, as a result of the throwing of a bomb by the two parties.

The brother of “Sajid”, who was killed in the quarrel, vowed to avenge his brother, a member of the Fourth Division named “Nush.” He has a brother called Abu Sawda Al-Dahiya who was sentenced to life because of deliberate murder. His father and two of his brothers have been detained since the start of the revolution.

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