Transport companies blackmail travelers from Deir Ezzor to Damascus and vice versa

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Deirezzor24 exclusive report:

The reporter of DeirEzzor24 said that the drivers and assistants of the buses of the “Arab Union” company, which operates between Damascus and Deir Ezzor, are now blackmailing travelers on their flights to pay sums of money in exchange for turning a blind eye to them when passing through the checkpoints of Assad’s forces.

He added that the extortion operations target those who carry huge sums of money, which are often for reasons of treatment in Damascus by the people of Deir Ezzor to pursue cases of detainees, where the driver or his assistant asks anyone carrying a sum of money exceeding one million pounds, an amount of 25 thousand pounds. One Syria per million, in return for not reporting it when passing through the well-known Fourth Division checkpoints by imposing royalties and looting money.

It is worth noting that other companies besides the “Arab Union” company are now adopting the same mechanism by blackmailing passengers and collecting money under the threat of the Fourth Division’s checkpoints.

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