SDF Release Civilian Detainees From Abu Naytal Village In Northern Deir Ezzor

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Yesterday, SDF released dozens of civilian detainees from the Abu Naytal village, northern Deir Ezzor, after arresting them during an anti-SDF protest in the town two days ago. SDF also returned quantities of gold and money which had been looted from the local residents during a campaign of raids carried out on the pretense of the presence of some Daesh sleeper cells.
A couple of days ago, SDF stormed Abu Naytal village on the pretense that they were searching for some Daesh affiliates. It should be pointed out that SDF have been using Daesh as an excuse to crack down on civilians and cripple their livelihoods, in addition to raiding their homes and confiscating their homes and properties.


In other news, a child was killed in the explosion of a mine previously planted By Daesh on the vicinity of Tabani town, in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor.


Clashes broke out between Daesh and SDF in Hajin city in connection with coalition airstrikes on the organization positions in the area.

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