Russian militias reinforce their forces east of the Euphrates

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report :

DeirEzzor24 network learned from well-informed sources that the Russian militias east of the Euphrates are boosting their military equipment, by supporting it with new tanks. They transported them across the Russian military bridge, which connects Shamiya with the Jazeera, and distributed to the Fifth Corps points in both Tabia Jazira and Khasham, which are located on the lines of contact between the areas of Iranian influence represented by the Assad regime, and the American influence represented by the SDF.

With the outbreak of the Russian war on Ukraine, the Russian militias began flying reconnaissance drones from the “Ghelian” lodge in the town of Hatla, the HQ of the Russian Reconciliation Center, and intensified military police patrols and inspection groups on the brigades of the Fifth Corps of the Russian First Division, in addition to stopping aid and imposing a full alert in the ranks Legion.

According to the sources, the Russian militias issued orders to stop the licenses of officers and members, and increased their meetings with the promoters of settlements and village mayors, to urge them to encourage those wishing to join the ranks of the Fifth Corps and the “Wagner” militia, which recently opened applications for volunteering in its ranks in exchange for financial amounts considered rewarding.

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