Pay or else your relatives’ graves will be destroyed .. a decision issued by the Iranian militias.

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The Iranian militias stationed in the archaeological site of “Ein al-Ali” in badiyah of Al-Quriyah city have imposed fees on the graves in the cemetery near the site, according D24 correspondent.

Our correspondent added that the Iranian militias that control the Shiite shrine in Ein al-Ali site have expelled a group of people from Al-Quriyah city last week after they came to the cemetery near the site to bury the body of one of their relatives, and told them that those who want to bury in this cemetery should pay the fees of 10,000 Syrian pounds after submitting a request to the militias, in addition, the militias have informed the group that those who have relatives buried in the cemetery must pay 10 thousand pounds, otherwise their tombs will be destroyed and the remains will be thrown outside the cemetery.

This action was met with resentment by the people of the region, who have to pay fees to the Iranian militias, in return for burying their dead in their ancestral land.

It is indicated that the Iranian militias took control of the archaeological site of Ein Ali in the badiyah of al-Quriya city in late 2017, and since the first days of their control, they have worked to turn the site into a Shiite religious shrine attracting Shiite visitors from all countries, claiming that it is a sacred shrine and a legacy from al-Sahabi Ali ibn Abi Talib.

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