Liwaa al-Baqer militia disintegrates in Deir Ezzor as fighters threaten to defect

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An Iraqi person called Thu al-Fiqar founded the Liwaa al-Baqer militia in Syria. The militia includes 500 fighters majorly Iraqis; however, there are local fighters from the al-Raqqa governorate.

Thu al-Fiqar headed the militia only three months, leaving Nawaf Ragheb al-Basheer, who is a sheikh of the al-Baqara Tribe, to lead the militia after he defected from the Syrian Opposition and returned from Turkey to Deir Ezzor.
Dignitary al-Basheer’s leading the militia motivated young men from the western Deir Ezzor countryside to join its ranks. During the first months of al-Basheer’s leading the militia, 300 new fighters from the villages of Hamar al-Ali, al-Shumaytiyah, and Muheymadah, joined the militia. The residents of these villages are from the al-Baqara Tribe.
The militia is active in military missions assigned by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Militia Command in Northeastern Syria and internal areas.

In April 2021, the militia was disintegrated, as its fighters were distributed to groups. The first group was integrated with the so-called Ahrar al-Sharqiya militia operative in the al-Bishri area in Deir Ezzor southwestern badiya. The second group was integrated with the 147th Brigade operative in the Ithiria area in the al-Salamiya countryside in Hama. The third group was sent to the al-Khalidiyah area in Qamishli.

Altercations erupted between fighters and commanders of the militia on the background of disintegrating it, especially following radical changes in fighters’ service, amidst reports of fighters’ defecting.

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