Group affiliated with Assad’s intelligence releases statement regarding eastern Euphrates

Written by Editorial Board

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The so-called “Popular Resistance in the eastern region east of the Euphrates” released a written statement about the operations carried out by its cells in northern and eastern Syria.

The statement said that the “Popular Resistance cells in the eastern region east of the Euphrates” carried out assassinations against a number of employees and fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The statement explained that the “resistance” operations have reached the countryside of Hasakeh just like Deir Ezzor and Raqqa before.

The statement warned Al-Akidat tribe’s Sheikh, Ibrahim al-Hifil, to clarify his position and take steps to facilitate the Assad regime’s entry to the eastern Euphrates.

“We remind Sheikh Ibrahim al-Hifil… You represent your grandfathers. You are trying to calm the people who have had enough.
We expect no good from your councils. You just meet to eat meat and release useless speeches.
We will change the equation.. and we will get back our dignity.
But… We follow the example of President Bashar al-Assad, who said we go fast but wise.. that’s why we work quietly to make our strikes focused and precise.
Long live our Arab nation… long live Syria of Al-Assad as one and united country.”

This threatening proves to everyone that Assad regime’s cells are responsible for assassinating many tribal leaders in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside. This is not to deny the role of sleeper cells, which took advantage of the situation in the eastern Euphrates to intensify their operations against people working with the SDF and other components of society.

Assad regime cells spread in several areas east of the Euphrates. They carry out operations at the order of Assad regime’s intelligence branches. They are responsible for committing assassinations, stirring sedition and destabilizing the region’s security.

These cells take advantage of Daesh presence. They plan and execute their operations in the same way as Daesh, and even dress like them, which leaves the door open to the following question: Do these cells directly coordinate with Daesh, or they are just taking advantage of its presence to carry out their operations?



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