Entire families killed in a new horrific massacre carried out by Russian aircraft in the town of Ayash west of Deir Ezzor.

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The Russian aircraft carried out an appalling massacre in the town of Ayash a little while ago, killing entire families.


A D24 correspondent said that ,’ The Russian aircraft conducted five strikes on the town, killing more than 15 civilians and wounding dozens of others, mostly women and children.’

He added that, ‘ The family of Khalf Khadr Al-Faleh, which consists of ten members, and a displaced family from Aleppo, which consists of five members, were wiped out in the airstrikes.”


The air raids have destroyed three houses, forcing a large number of civilians to flee from that town due to fear of another massacre by those aircraft.


The names of the killed civilians:

Khalf Khadr Faleh

Hamrah Badrah Faleh

Sabhah Hussein Faleh

Zaynab Khalaf Khadr Faleh

Nidal Khalf Khadr Faleh

Yassmin Khalaf Khadr Faleh

Darin Khalaf Khadr Faleeh

Ramadan Khalaf Faleh

Mohamed Khalaf Khadr Faleh.

In addition to 5 displaced civilians from Aleppo.

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