Daesh releases a new brutal video titled “Revelation of the Devil”, showing the execution of five media activists from Deir Ezzor province

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A new Daesh video titled “Revelation of the Devil”, released by the group’s media office in the province of Deir Ezzor, was posted to social media on Saturday, showing the brutal execution of five Deir Ezzor-based media activists.

The executed activists were arrested around a year ago by Daesh under charges of plotting against the group and sending intelligence to its enemies, which was considered a violation of Daesh regulation.


The five activists have been identified as Samer Mohamed Al-Aboud, executive director of the Network of Interaction and Development in Deir Ezzor, Sami Jawdat Rabah, an independent activist, Mahmoud Shaaban Al-Haj, a reporter for the channel “ Al-An”, Mohamed Marwan Al Aissa, Al-Jazeera correspondent in Deir Ezzor, and finally Mostapha Hassa who worked as a member of Human Rights Watch.


They were executed, as shown in the bloody video, using a variety of execution methods that revolved around execution by blowing up booby-trapped cameras or laptop attached to the activists’ bodies, suffocation utilising a metal chain, and beheading.


Months ago, local sources in Deir Ezzor had reported that Daesh finished filming this execution video, the methods of execution were also leaked along with the names of the victims, however, the group preferred to release it until today.

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