Anti-Daesh hashtag “م” has been displayed nearby former Daesh headquarters in the Iraqi city of Mosul

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A group of Iraqi activists posted to social media today a collection of pictures taken nearby some former Daesh headquarters in the Iraqi city of Mosul, showing the newly launched anti-Daesh hashtag titled “ م’’, which translates into the letter M, written on some papers.



The hashtag “م” was displayed near the Police Directorate and the municipality in the city of Mosul, which had been utilised as headquarters by Daesh before the Coalition pulverised them recently.


The hashtag “م” was recently launched on social media by a group of anti-Daesh Iraqi activists amid the second anniversary of the fall of Mosul into Daesh hands. The hashtag points out to different meanings, among them are resistance, the peaceful resistance and Mosul.

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