A Syrian woman from Deir Ezzor faces imprisonment in Lebanon after being hit by a car!

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The Lebanese police in the capital Beirut imprisoned a Syrian woman for several days after a Lebanese woman hit her, along with her toddler, while driving her car.



A relative of the jailed woman told D24 that, “The woman is a Syrian citizen from the province of Deir Ezzor. She is a mother of three children, including a toddler. She joined her husband in Lebanon around a year ago after he was blacklisted by Daesh and managed to flee from their controlled areas. Five days ago, she went shopping, along with her husband and children, and suddenly a car hit her and the toddler as they were crossing the road, leading them to suffer severe injuries. The car left them lying on the ground and fled immediately from the scene.”


He added that, “According to eyewitnesses, the car was driven by a woman. Her husband took them to a hospital for urgent medical treatments and then complained about the incident to a neighboring police station.”


Two days after their complaint, the Lebanese police came to their house and arrested the woman on trumped up charges and then imprisoned her for five days. This happened because the woman (who is the owner of the car) has strong ties with some political and military figures in the Lebanese government.


The deteriorating health of the toddler whose mother was imprisoned led the husband, who is a builder, to borrow 200000 SYP in order to pay a fine in order to release his wife from prison.

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