A sharp increase in prices of forages to feed domesticated livestock in Deir Ezzor

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Last week, prices of forages increased significantly in the markets of Deir Ezzor, increasing the suffering of farmers in the province to an unbearable level. One kg of residue increased to 55 SYP, 1kg of barely 170 SYP while 1 kg of chaff reached 75 SYP.


According to a D24 correspondent in the eastern countryside, the rise of the prices of forages was due to the wave of cold and freeze that hit the province.


Animal wealth has deteriorated after the capturing of the province by Daesh who transported livestock from Deir Ezzor to Iraq, as well as their smuggling into the SDF-held areas and Turkey. In addition to the destruction of bridges which crippled the roads used for the transportation of livestock, and the dominance over the markets of livestock by the organization.

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