“Those Are My Fathers”: A new Daesh propaganda video in which they contradict themselves

Written by Editorial Board

Language / اللغة العربية

Yesterday, the Daesh media office in Deir Ezzor province released a new video about the parenting methods used by parents in Arab countries for raising their children. According to the video, they are mainly focused on the material world, meaning that they only show them ways to earn money and live a life of luxury.


In the video some fathers are shown saying that they encouraged their sons to conduct suicide attacks in support of the organization, claiming that it is the best way to raise a child. Then, they continue to state the motives that led their sons to join in the fight.


In the last 5 minutes of the video, 4 young male are filmed being executed on charges of cooperation with the Coalition. The executors are the same fathers who were shown in the beginning of the video.

The contradiction in the video is manifested in the fact that many of those children were recruited without informing their parents, and they were then killed. The organization pushed them to carry out suicide attacks without  taking into accounts their minor age.

Daesh also forced most of the locals to attend their Sharia sessions, which enabled them to recruit a large number of children and men into their rank by the use of their religious propaganda.

The new video serves as a media propaganda to recruit more volunteers into their ranks, mainly after they have lost a large number of their manpower in different areas in both, Iraq and Syria.

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