The Agriculture Committee in Deir Ezzor forms sub-committees to monitor farmers

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The Agricultural Committee in Deir Ezzor provine, which is made up of the governor, the police chief, the party branch secretary and the directors of agriculture and grains, instructed the formation of sub-committees in each village, town and district.

According to the committee’s instructions, a single subcommittee includes the secretary of the party group, the head of the association, the head of the guidance unit, and the mayor of the village or town.

It is entrusted with the task of monitoring the harvest season, the process of marketing the grain, and providing the competent authorities and security branches with the names of violators and those refraining from supplying the crop to the government of the Assad regime, as it is prohibited to sell wheat crops to others under pain of security prosecution and penalties.

The Agricultural Committee approved, three days ago, the prices of wheat and barley, for the current season, and divided it into two categories, subsidized and unsubsidized, in addition to the prices of transport and plowing.

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