ISIS executed two civilians, a young man and a woman, on alleged charges of blasphemy in Al-Myadin city yesterday

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Yesterday, ISIS publicly executed a woman and a young man in the city of Al-Myadin after they were allegedly charged with blasphemy.


Juhaida Hassan Al-Daham, also known as Umm Sha’lan, from Myadin in eastern rural Deir Ezzor, was publicly executed yesterday evening with a point blank gunshot to the head in the district of Al-Hizb in Al-Myadin city, D24 correspondent said.

He added ‘’ ISIS also beheaded and crucified a young male civilian named Yamin Yasser Al-Othman, also known as Abu Amar Al-Shami, in the district of Al-Hizb in Al-Myadin city’’.


It should be noted that ISIS has executed scores of civilians on charges of blasphemy since the group gained control over the province of Deir Ezzor. Some were executed even if they did not intend to curse God.

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