Continuous horrible massacres against the people of Deir Ezzor and everyone is just keeping silent

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Warplanes belonging to the Assad-regime intensively bombarded multiple residential buildings of several neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor city, mainly al-Humaydiya which is controlled by Daesh, on 16 Avril 2015, leading to the immediate death of more than 15 civilians, among them a woman and two children. This is regarded as a new other massacre added to the previous ones perpetrated against civilians living in Deir Ezzor by all of Daesh, the Assad-regime and Russian airstrikes.


D24 managed to document the martyrs by names and they are as follow:


Hussein al-Baaja

Iyad al-Abduallah

Ahmed Ziyad al-Halat

Iyad Abdl Fatah al-Haj

Iyad Abdl Ftah al-Haj

Saleh Deeb al-Muharij

Abdel Rahman al-Akili

Yassin Bashar al-Baaj

Warda Mostapha al-Hakoma and her two children Fwaz al-Fatih and Mohamed al-Fatouri.


There are also two dead bodies who have not been identified so far.



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